Brochure Design: Make the most Christmas!

Posted on: October 31, 2022 12:00 pm

Brochure Design - Punchestown Racecourse - Kildare

In a digitally focused world, we often disregard the benefits that come from traditional methods of promotion, such as brochure design. Although the benefits of digital advertising are not to be frowned upon, there are certain elements to traditional services that just cannot be beaten.

A method of traditional promotion that remains popular to this day is brochure and booklet design. Continuing to hold an approved reputation, brochures provide opportunities for your business to develop sales and marketing opportunities in a physical setting.

Brochures are a prevalent element of a marketing campaign for all organisations, providing massive opportunities to inform and engage with consumers, customers and competitors. If done correctly, a brochure can deliver an innovative experience, displaying your company journey in a visually engaging manner.

Creative Communication

An imperative tool for any organisation is communication with customers. In the modern day, this is easily implemented through online platforms, social posts and email subscriptions.

Although the communication market is widely available in the modern day, there are some newfound limitations linked to this. An overexposure to communication through emails, social media and websites can cause over saturation, that reduces the impact the information can have on the reader.

Incidentally, the development of brochures can create a level of individuality for your organisation and for your information. This method of communication can engage with customers on a more informative and interesting level. This is not only refreshing but also encourages the reader to embrace the information, leaving a lasting impression that may be difficult to replicate through online communication.

Brochures at Christmas

A time of year when brochures are particularly popular with consumers is Christmas. An expensive and busy time, consumers are constantly looking out or a deal that catches their attention.

From September to December, digital platforms are completely saturated with Christmas. It can almost get to a stage where scrollers become blind to the advertising and begin to ignore it. Incidentally, getting in front of consumers with an interesting, physical Christmas brochure just might do the trick.

Let us design your Christmas Brochures

We have seen it time and time again. Organisations trying to cut corners by designing their own advertising material. Yes, this can sometimes work and if it does, great! However, unfortunately DIY design can lead to a poorly created brochure, which is incidentally can be detrimental for brand reputation. The involvement of industry professionals, such as Kaizen Brand Evolution is advised when creating brochures to guarantee premium results and longevity.

Important elements in your Christmas Brochure

In order to make an impression on readers, your brochure must stand out from the crowd, especially at Christmas time. It is imperative that your brochure has a unique design that is recognisable and boosts your brand identity.

Secondly, your brochure design should have an interesting pitch, accurate and useful information, applicable and engaging graphics and most importantly, a clear and outlined call to action.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to promote products or services through a discount, as well as acknowledge your customers or clients through a positive, festive message.

Proof your Brochure Design before Print!!!

We know all too well the pressure around the Christmas period. Yet, it is extremely important that this does not impact your work.

Prior to completion of brochure design, it is important that you request a final draft and carefully proof it. It is recommended that numerous people are involved in proofing, as some may notice errors that others do not.

Brochure design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

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