Brand Profiling

Delivering the perfect brand for your product, service or organisation requires an acute understanding of your customer and often your customers customer. Within many businesses we may already have a good understanding of this, however there is always merit in following a brand profiling process whereby we thoroughly consider the brand personas associated with the stakeholders in the organisation.

We have conducted profiling exercises within PLCs, FMCG consumer brands and for private organisations. This process works within B2B and B2C markets as well as across any third sector organisations looking to communicate more effectively to their audience.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution we take Brand Profiling very seriously so we have to be certain that when creating a brand it fits the business it’s built around, one way we do this is by thinking about the brand concept like an actual physical being, finding out what the businesses ambitions and core values are. Our team then begin testing how it looks, feels and acts in the real world to ensure your brand creation is a tailored fit for your business.

Brand Profiling Process

We start the brand profiling by firstly talking to you, the client we find out what you want then add to this by looking at how your business acts both internally and to its customers once we have this information we begin to see how your brand talks and acts we then adapt this into brand guidelines so everyone who works in your company knows what your business should look and talk like and avoid you from going “off brand” which can be extremely detrimental towards your business.

Think, Feel, Say & Do

Using techniques trained in by IBM, we develop our core personas across an avatar or multiple avatars. We use the distinct areas of Think, Feel, Say & Do to fully understand the factors that affect our personas decisions to use or buy from us, or otherwise. This process is usually conducted as a workshop whereby our commercial and design team leads prompt and shape the process of brand profiling.

Brand Profiling | Brand Persona Image

This process is incredibly powerful in removing any doubt of who our customers are and it incredibly worthwhile to engage in, regardless of the stage you are in with your branding.

When to engage in brand profiling?

Brand profiling can and should be conducted regularly within any organisation. Within Kaizen, we conduct the process multiple times a year or when we add new products/services to our range. Once we’ve engaged your team and explored the process of brand profiling, many of our clients find they are happy to maintain this on a scaled down but more regular basis internally. We are always on hand to attend and review the results in line with the organisations agreed brand guidelines.

To start a brand profiling project with Kaizen Brand Evolution, please get in touch with our team on 028 9507 2007.

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