Brand Profiling: Get it Right First Time

Posted on: August 30, 2022 8:54 am

Brand Profiling

The evolution of a product or service involves many intricate tasks. From the design, to the promotion, every element of the process is crucial and must not be overlooked. To succeed with your creation, it is important to develop a strong, relatable and innovative brand profiling concept.

In order for brand profiling to succeed and be authentic, you must have a robust understanding of your audience, including clients, customers and existing/potential investors. In certain situations, audience awareness can be overlooked and considered a broad topic. What many business owners do not realise is that detailed insight and consideration must be afforded to audience awareness in order to deliver the results they are looking for.

To gather an in-depth awareness of your audience, it is crucial that your brand enforces a profiling process. This will allow business owners to carefully consider the brand persona connected with investors in their particular industry.

Brand Profiling: Explained

Brand profiling is a complex process, wherein organisations determine and progress their brand identity and personality.

When carrying out the brand profiling process, it is crucial to develop an identity that will embody everything your organisation represents, as well as engage with your target audience in the way you want. A brand profile should symbolise what your brand has to offer and clearly outline the reasons why it offers a particular product or service.

The right time to profile your brand

When it comes to brand profiling, organisations must conduct this as regularly as possible. Staying up to date has never been more important. We are living in a world of massive competition, so ensuring the perception of your brand is updated is key, particularly with clients, customers and investors.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we carry out brand profiling on a regular basis. This is directed multiple times a year, especially when we introduce a new service into our brand.

Get it right first time

When brand profiling, it is important to devote time to research and progress. It is paramount to design a brand profile that relates to the organisation it represents. When researching, it is beneficial to consider your brand strategy and concept, including core values, goals and mission statement.

Brand Profiling Process at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen, we are an knowledgeable team of specialists when it comes to all things branding. We have conducted brand profiling for many businesses across numerous sectors, including PLCs, FMCG consumer brands and private organisations.

We would advise that businesses who operate in a B2B and B2C market, as well as those in third sector organisations invest in brand profiling. This will enable a boost in communication with their customers, clients and stakeholders.

When conducting brand profiling, we initially speak to the client to find out what you want. The vision of the client will be evolved through looking at how a business acts both internally and to its customers.

When the research is concluded and all of the relevant information is obtained, the team at Kaizen begin to research how the brand operates. This covers how team members communicate for the brand, how they act and how they react.

This observation will be carefully curated into the company brand guidelines. This will ensure that all organisation members are on the same page, using the correct language, tone and actions. This also avoids team members going “off-brand” which can be damaging for brand identity and reputation.

Think, Feel, Say & Do

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we avail of the distinct areas of Think, Feel, Say & Do to fully understand the factors that affect our decisions to use or buy. This process is usually conducted as a workshop whereby our commercial and design team leads prompt and shape the process of brand profiling.

This process is incredibly influential in removing any doubt of who our customers are and it incredibly worthwhile to engage in, regardless of the stage you are in with your branding.

Start Brand Profiling Today

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we have an esteemed design team in Belfast. Omagh and Dublin, with widespread experience. Our designers understand both the functional and technical requirements. We use our expertise to blend the two into a beautifully executed brand.

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