Brand Name: Get it right first time

Posted on: August 9, 2022 11:00 am

Deciding on a name for your brand can initially seem like an easy task. In some situations, this can be the case. Some organisations may have been decided on their name for a long time, which is great. Yet, in some cases organisations jump at the first name they can think of, failing to take into consideration the countless name opportunities out there.

Your brand name plays a massive role in your identity. It is often the most recognisable associative term used by the general public. Hence, it is crucial that it makes sense and represents your most important goals, aims and offerings.

Make sure your name is a memorable one

Make them remember your brand name. From Google, to Nike to Starbucks, there is no doubt that absolutely everyone that you ask would be familiar with these, and many other brands. Hence, picking something unique, relevant and understandable is key. The importance of a brand name is endless. Be it in-store, online or through word-of-mouth, it is the one term that will be constantly used to discuss to your business.

In todays environment, there are organisations galore in every industry. Brand names are becoming more difficult to think of due to the sheer lack of original names left. Hence, brand owners have to put their thinking caps on to ensure their company stands out from the crowd. The importance of an individual, identifiable and recognisable brand name has never been more imperative.


With a charming brand name, you will increase credibility and achieve a memorable, positive association with customers, clients and competitors. This is key in the modern consumer market as credibility is very hard to come by. Holding an established association with consumers is massively beneficial. The goal is to be the first brand that people think of when they are discussing your industry. For example; when you think fast-food; McDonalds is bound to be up there in your thinking! This is a common occurrence, with company names holding industry related connotations.

How many times have you heard someone talking about ‘hoovering their house’? Did you know ‘Hoover’ is actually a brand name and the correct term is vacuum cleaner? This is a primarily British association that came from a brilliant advertising campaign and brand dominance in the industry. So, even if the consumer doesn’t own a ‘Hoover’ branded vacuum cleaner, they are more than likely going to call it that, from habit! Imagine that! Hoover are the certainly the kings of brand naming.

Will your brand name suit for social?

When making any decision for your business, you must be aware of how that impacts your online presence. Unfortunately, it can be an area that is overlooked until it is too late when it comes to choosing a company name.

Your name will be the point of contact for absolutely everything online. This includes website name, social media handles, advertisements and hashtags. If your name is unique to your business, there should be no issues in getting the best possible domain names and social handles, which will raise the position of your organisation online. However, if the chosen business name is a common expression, word or phrase, you may face numerous issues, resulting in a less identifiable online presence.

Create your Brand Name with Kaizen

Kaizen Brand Evolution have widespread first-hand experience in developing brands for organisations just like yours. Whether it is creating a brands identity from scratch, rebranding an out-of-date company or creating a revolutionary brand name, we have you covered.

Kaizen recognise the importance of your company name in the process of developing your brand. Whether your naming journey is established or unidentifiable, Kaizen have an incredible team of creative experts that can discover unique insights into your organisation to create an incredible name.

In order to creative an authentic and convincing brand name, Kaizen conducts intense research into your organisation, involving their experienced team as well as conducting an intense client consultation. Doing this enables an in-depth understanding of the organisation which will incidentally produce a limitless quantity of ideas.

To make the process of choosing your brand name an enjoyable experience, the Design Director at Kaizen will collaborate all developed ideas into justified and appropriate list of concepts. This process enables you to creative informative and measured decisions on your brand name.

Get in Touch with Kaizen to create your Brand Name

At Kaizen, we pride our creativity and attention to detail. If you are considering a brand name and would like to involve an experienced brand studio, get in touch today.