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Posted on: November 15, 2021 9:30 am

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Modern day marketing and advertising promote a driving force on digital exposure and online engagement. Often, the benefits of traditional advertising fail to receive deserved recognition, due to the old-fashioned associations it holds. It is paramount for organisations to remain open to a variety of advertising platforms, to ensure they reach a widespread target market. This can be done through opting into Out-of-Home advertising, incorporating Billboards and Adshels.

Key Areas of Advertising

The goal of an organisation is to constantly reach and engage with potential and existing customers.

Three key areas of marketing and advertising to target audience:

  • Digital Advertising

The benefits of promoting your organisation through digital platforms needs no introduction. Digital is undoubtedly the most prominent and relied on platform in the modern day. Social media, animation and web design, to name a few, are prominent features in an advertising plan, targeting an audience 24/7.

  • In-Print and Media Advertising

Secondly, advertising promoted through newspapers, television and radio remain key for engagement and outreach. Although it does not hold the same instantaneous speed, it continues to be a reliable promotion tool. Unlike social media or online promotion, where an advertisement quickly disappears once the page is refreshed, in-print advertisements are permanent, often residing in homes for numerous days. Additionally, advertisements via television and radio, if done correctly, have the power to resonate with the reader.

  • Out-of-Home Advertising

Finally, out-of-home advertising, including billboards and adshels embody a prominent and engaging investment, beneficial for both large-scale organisations and smaller companies. Reaching a vast audience, billboards and adshels ensure that your organisation is being advertised at all times, catching the customer at moments they are unable to scroll online or engage in media.

Catch the Commute

In most cases, traffic is not a welcomed experience. Yet, when your organisation is advertising via billboards and adshels, traffic is hailed a favourable occurrence. According to The Independent, travelling to work is currently taking longer than ever before, with the daily commute now taking up to an hour every day. Hence, the rise of travel time presents a rise of opportunities for investing in billboards and adshels.

Prime Location

Careful consideration is required when deciding the location of a billboard or adshel, choosing a position that will reach high volumes of traffic and footfall to catch the attention of as many individuals as possible.

Additionally, recognising your target audience is also key. Many fail to place billboards and adshels under the bracket of easily targetable advertising, yet it is possible and very important. Through internal monitoring of engagement, your organisation should hold a clear idea of their target audience, target location and target market. Incidentally, there may be key areas of importance: such as a particular city, town or highly populated area.

Less is More

When spending on advertising, many believe it is important to squeeze in as much information as possible, getting value for money. Yet, it is important to remember that when dealing with adshels and billboards, you have a short period of time to catch the attention of an individual. Be it driving on the motorway or walking in the city centre, an instantaneous message is key. You have approximately 6 seconds to make an impact with your billboard design. Kaizen believe a brief and explanatory design that showcases exactly what your organisation is trying to promote will be enough to encourage a call for action.  

No Company Too Small for Billboards

Billboard and adshel advertising hold numerous incorrect connotations, including the idea they are for large-scale, corporate companies only. Kaizen wish to promote that they prove beneficial for all organisations, no matter the size or reach. Additionally, it is widely believed that billboards and adshels are massively expensive, exceeding company budgets. Yet, they are arguably a very affordable piece of advertising material, with an audience reach wider than the majority.

Boost Brand Identity and Awareness

Kaizen believe that all company marketing and advertising should encompass a recognisable and uniform design, boosting brand awareness at all times. The goal of any company should be to engage with an audience that immediately recognises their branding and what they offer.

Kaizen promote that in order to boost brand identity and awareness, a billboard or adshel should incorporate:

  • Company logo
  • Recognisable company colour scheme
  • Call to action contact details – e.g. website
  • Company text font
  • Company slogan if applicable

Kaizen can create your Billboard and Adshels

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, graphic design is our speciality. Our team have worked on an impressive number of outdoor campaigns, encompassing adshels and billboards for organisations throughout Northern Ireland. Kaizen have first hand experience in recognising the benefits of investing in adshels and billboards for your company, providing top quality design to ensure success.

Did you Know?

Kaizen work alongside Northern Ireland’s most established outdoor advertiser, Clear Channel NI, allowing us to offer an extensive variety of services in both specific and widespread areas.

Get Started

Kaizen understand the importance of effective marketing and advertising for your organisation. We believe you should show off your company. Go big or go home with a 48-Sheet or 96-Sheet billboard. Kaizen have a graphic design team that recognise the importance of developing an eye-catching out-of-home advertising campaign.

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