Boast about your brand on Billboard & Adshels

Posted on: March 7, 2022 10:00 am

Billboard & Adshels

In the modern day, we can create huge, large-scale campaigns. These campaigns stretch far and wide across social platforms, websites and digital advertisements. Yes, these campaigns are innovative and will hold an impressive reach in audience but will it stop people in their tracks and catch their attention?

The answer to this question is hopefully and often, yes. Online campaigns are extremely successful if implemented correctly. However, we can sometimes find ourselves guilty of overlooking the digital promotions that pop up on our screens. In some cases, we are even oblivious to the fact a campaign is attempting to catch our attention. This is undoubtedly due to overexposure through online platforms. Incidentally, it is important that we consider the potential disregard of campaigns primarily implemented through online means and look at incorporating more areas of promotion. 

Although the use of traditional platforms in advertising and marketing campaigns primarily does not hold the potential to reach audiences at an incomprehensible scale universally, it can leave an all-important lasting impression.

An area of traditional marketing that has an overwhelming role in catching attention is that of billboards and adshels. These large-scale promotional tools are targeting audiences in a bold and unapologetic way.

Bold and Unapologetic Billboard & Adshels

Billboards sit head and shoulders higher than other forms of promotional platforms. Situated at a height, in highly populated areas, billboards aim to make their mark through catching the attention of those out and about and commuting.

Position your Billboard Effectively

A massive benefit of billboards is that they are not tied down to an audience in a specific area. If strategically placed, a billboard can catch the attention of numerous spectators. A genius location for billboards is on a busy dual carriageway or motorway, a passageway for commuters to travel from locations far and wide. An eye-catching billboard design can engage with these commuters instantaneously if implemented correctly, which is the overall goal.

Day or Night: Let there be Light!

Alongside the beneficial use of billboards is the incredibly useful Adshel. Adshels are an innovative promotional tool, appearing on the side of bus stops, in highly populated areas and in shopping centres.

Offering a large area for promotional coverage, adshels are engaging and if designed correctly, really eye-catching. A unique and massively beneficial element of Adshels is their backlit light boxes.

Many traditional forms of promotional platforms are excellent, but only showcase what they have to offer in the daylight. When the sun goes down, so does their ability to promote a campaign. Innovatively, Adshels are the exception to this limitation.

Adshels are accompanied by a useful backlit light box, to showcase a promotional campaign, to the same scale, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, the light box brings an engaging and eye-catching addition to your campaign, drawing attention to your message when it is dark.

Less is Best

When it comes to promotional campaigns, it can become easy to get carried away. Value for money is often associated with fitting as much material as possible in and this can result in a complete information overload.

To create the perfect Billboard or Adshel design, we recommend that less is more. The benefit of including clear and concise information is massive. It is proven that promotional campaigns such as billboards hold an industry average of 6 seconds reading time. With this information in mind, it is important that your design can be read, digested and understood within this short time frame.

Consistency is Key – Especially with Billboard & Adshels

Additionally, it is massively important that your organisation uses the relevant and recognisable branding of their business to appear familiar to your target audience. Consistency is key and maintaining this through large-scale promotion will be extremely beneficial and boost brand identity.

Call-to-action… is it clear?

In everything you do, your call-to-action must be clear and concise. The overall goal of any promotional campaign is to encourage action and the only way to do this is to outline this clearly. To ensure the call-to-action is outlined and recognised, we recommend pairing back your Billboard or Adshel to only a core focus on each design.

Billboard & Adshels with Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are proud to maintain an experienced and enthusiastic team of graphic designers. Our team can transform your campaign through the creation of attention-grabbing Billboard and Adshel designs.

Our expertise and industry experience will ensure that your design will lead to successful results and return on investment.

Considering a Billboard or Adshel design campaign? Look no further than Kaizen Brand Evolution. Get in touch today to bring your billboard to life.