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Posted on: August 15, 2022 10:00 am

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In the modern era of online social sharing, writing a blog holds a massive opportunity for your company. The power of blogging will give your company a competitive edge, boosting your products and services into the online community in an enlightening and engaging way.

Blogging brings a massive boost to an organisations place in the market, increasing custom and growing sales through educating consumers about what you do.

Intriguing titles

When deciding on a blog topic, it is important to consider your audience and the impression this blog will make. Capture their attention instantly, making them want to click straight away!

We have seen it time and time again, where brilliant blogs go unnoticed due to a lazy, boring title. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but believe it or not, we all do it. Often, a title alone is enough to draw your attention in. Incidentally, the title of your blog has the power to make or break a readers decision to entertain your blog.

First impressions are key. We find ourselves gravitating towards reading material that hold exciting titles. On the other hand, we often find ourselves overlooking content that have poorly thought-out titles.

Understand your blog readers

In every aspect of business, it is crucial that you recognise, value and understand your audience. This is no different when it comes to writing a blog.

There is no better way to showcase all the brilliant things your organisation does than through blogging. A blog provides an unfiltered, unlimited and underrated platform to shout about what you do, sharing your achievements, your improvements and your advancements.

Blogging provides an opportunity to educate your audience on matters that are important for your business. Using your platform to blog about your products and services will ensure there is a more well-rounded understanding of your organisation. When readers have a clear vision of what your company has to offer, they are more likely to follow through and become a valued customer.

Featured images and social posts

We are now living in the digital era, where visuals are preferred to text. Unfortunately, this is not good news for blog writers but there are some loop holes that can lure people in and encourage them to take 5 minutes out of their day to read your blog.

Using your own images is even more valuable. Whether you offer products or services, you will find that first-hand images will resonate with readers and intrigue them.

Equally, creating consistent blog posts ensures you will always have content to share on social media. It is so important to share images when posting on social media.

Spending lengthy periods of time carefully creating blog content must be followed up by an impressive promotion plan in order to reach your target customers and potential new audience members. Remaining active on social media is paramount for organisations and ensuring content is continuously fresh and innovative will give you that competitive edge.

Let your blog tell a story

When writing a blog, it is important to consider a brand-new customer, one who has never heard of your products or services. Taking this approach will ensure your content tells a story about your brand, guaranteeing that readers will understand what you are aiming to achieve.

Blogs must be educational and informative in order to work. Although it is desired that customers recognise your brand identity, this is not always the case and you must be prepared for this eventuality.

The 5 W’s in your blog

Who, When, What, Where and Why?

When creating a blog based on your products or services, it is advisory to incorporate the trusty 5 W’s. Who are your target audience? When are your target audience going to realise what the blog is about? What is the product or service you are aiming to showcase and does the blog represent this? Where are your target audience going to avail of your product or service? Why have you chosen to write about this?

Recognise potential questions and answer them

A tip for blogging would be to integrate answers to possible questions into your content. We are all too familiar with google when it comes to questions; just ping in your query and you are likely to have the answer in seconds.

If your blog holds a solution to a query of a potential customer, it will likely appear on their search results and lead them directly to you. Providing engaging and informative blogs is imperative for your organisation as it will be a key deciding factor for potential customers.

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