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Posted on: December 22, 2021 10:00 am

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Amongst the noise of the marvels of modern-day marketing, traditional methods are often overlooked. Yes, we are in a new era, wherein digital, online and instant are key, yet the traditional and physical forms of marketing remain prevalent, in their own unique way.

When we consider the previous era of traditional marketing, commodities such as brochures were to the fore of power. Undeniably, their popularity has lessened but if done correctly, their power remains mighty.

The Goal of a Brochure Design

Brochures are a prevalent element of a marketing campaign for all organisations, providing massive opportunities to inform and engage with consumers, customers and competitors. If done correctly, a brochure can deliver an innovative experience, displaying your company journey in a visually engaging manner.

Creative Communication

An imperative tool for any organisation is communication with customers. In the modern day, this is easily implemented through online platforms, social posts and email subscriptions.

Although the communication market is widely available in the modern day, there are some newfound limitations linked to this. An overexposure to communication through emails, social media and websites can cause over saturation, that reduces the impact the information can have on the reader.

Incidentally, the development of brochures can create a level of individuality for your organisation and for your information. This method of communication can engage with customers on a more informative and interesting level. This is not only refreshing but also encourages the reader to embrace the information, leaving a lasting impression that may be difficult to replicate through online communication.

Important Elements in your Brochure Design

In order to make an impression on readers, your brochure must stand out from the crowd. It is imperative that your brochure has a unique design that is recognisable and boosts your brand identity.

Secondly, your brochure design should have an interesting pitch, accurate and useful information, applicable and engaging graphics and most importantly, a clear and outlined call to action. 


As mentioned above, the call to action is inevitably the most important element of your brochure design. A call-to-action will direct readers to the purpose of the brochure, which aspires for action to be implemented.

Call to actions can have numerous different purposes, from purchase points, website links, discount codes to more information. Yet their purpose is universal, aiming to achieve a reaction from readers.

To ensure readers engage with your intended call to action, it must be a stand-out visualisation. It is recommended that a larger font, a prominent colour or a boarder is used.

Additionally, people love an incentive. Especially when purchasing products or services. To achieve a better response from your call to action, it is advisory to include motivations, such as coupons, promotions or discount codes.

Evolve your Brand to Suit Demand – Interactive Brochures

In the modern era, all organisations must be proficient in adapting to change. The ever-changing trends within industries require tight monitoring and innovation to remain relevant. Incidentally, this is no different when it comes to marketing techniques. As previously mentioned, brochures are a traditional marketing tool, yet with innovative ideas, they can be evolved into a modern and digital tool.

Kaizen are committed to covering all angles for your organisation when it comes to design. When it comes to brochure design, we ensure they are designed and formatted to work in digital formats. Doing this enables widespread delivery of the service, offering both physical and online delivery.

Additionally, providing the choice for customers and clients to avail of the online brochure option is an innovative stance. This can promote your organisations corporate social responsibility, considering the environment and reducing unnecessary distribution.

With our interactive brochure designs, Kaizen can utilise advanced functionality, such as hyperlinks, UTM tracking codes and motion graphics, shaped to involve and impress your target audience.

Brochure Design with Kaizen Brand Evolution

Kaizen Brand Evolution have an esteemed team of design experts who have widespread experience in the brochure design process.

Please get in touch with our team on 028 9507 2007 or through our contact form to begin your brochure design.