Better your Brand with Brochure Design

Posted on: July 28, 2022 10:00 am

brochure design

In the modern, digital world, we often fail to consider the continuous benefits of traditional marketing concepts, for example brochure design.

It is undeniable that the benefits of digital platforms in some situations, massively outweigh the perks of traditional platforms. Yet, this is not the case in all situations.

When we think traditional marketing, we think newspapers, posters, brochures, and flyers. It would be unreasonable to suggested their popularity remains the same. Yet, if implemented correctly, their power remains prevalent in the modern day.

Brochure Design

In a digital world, we often overlook some of the most tried and tested traditional opportunities to engage our customers. Brochure and booklet design is still one of the most effective opportunities for your business to develop sales and marketing opportunities, and it is therefore imperative that your brochure design is delivered to the highest of standards.

Printed Brochures

The printed brochure is the concept we are all most familiar with. From annual reports, to sales brochures and seasonal product catalogues. They are often placed in our company through many methods of communication, including postal marketing, public hand-outs, and workplace distribution.

The perks of a printed brochure are second to none. The longevity of their value remains prevalent for days as the brochure will be available to read at all times. Additionally, a brochure can boast a wonderful design that will boost brand identity and reputation.

Digital Brochures

Like all innovative organisations, Kaizen Brand Evolution take pride in evolving with the times and adapting to change. This applies more than ever in the marketing industry comes to marketing techniques.

In addition to creating eye-catching print brochures, we ensure that our designs can be adapted to function in a modern environment. Incorporating innovative ideas, they can be evolved into a contemporary and digital tool.

Understanding that digital delivery is often paramount to a project’s success we output your brochure in any number of required digital formats.

Within interactive, digital brochure designs, we can add advanced functionality such as hyperlinks, UTM tracking codes and animations intended to engage and fascinate your target audiences.

Do your Bit for the Environment

We are now living in a world where it is more important than ever before to look out for the environment in everything we do. Many organisations are taking a stand against waste and as a result are reducing their paper usage.

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we felt it important to provide clients the choice of digital design as opposed to print, reducing unnecessary distribution. This option is massively beneficial for both the environment and for organisations in promoting your efforts to protect the environment through corporate social responsibility.

Types of Brochure Designs Available

The variety of brochure designs to choose from are endless. The team at Kaizen Brand Evolution have widespread experience across the range and are happy to consider your suggestions throughout the process.

Our most common brochure design projects include:

  • Annual Report
  • Booklet
  • Company Brochure
  • Bulletin
  • Catalogue
  • Directory
  • Guide
  • Handbook
  • Magazine
  • Manual
  • Newsletter
  • Programme
  • Prospectus

Brochure Design at Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we design brochures for numerous industries across the UK and Ireland. From annual reports to training manuals, sales brochures, and gallery collections, we have experience in designing 1000s of brochure designs for all types of businesses.

Here at Kaizen, we are extremely lucky to have an esteemed partner in print; Kaizen Print. Hence, we have the unrivalled knowledge of understanding what is needed to create a premium, eye-catching brochure design that will be sure to stand ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with our team to discuss a brochure design project. Upon interest, we will explain the professional process in which we undertake to create your product. Once we have agreed on this, we will request content, imagery, and assets that we need to create the design.

Once we have quoted the project and received approval from the client, we will begin the exciting brochure design process. We involve our clients in every step of the process, requesting sign off at every stage. Doing this ensures that we deliver the best possible results, staying on brand and meeting the commercial needs of the project.

When the final product is approved, we will output this promptly and professionally in the agreed formats for print or digital use.

To start a brochure design project with Kaizen Brand Evolution, please get in touch with our team via the contact form or call us on 028 9507 2007.