Belter Billboards for Summer 2022

Posted on: June 21, 2022 2:00 pm

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Billboards are a very important marketing tool in the modern day, particularly due to the extensive reach they can achieve. Regardless of the digital age in which we now live in, billboards continue to play an important role in the success of a marketing campaign.

Though the power of traditional platforms in advertising and marketing campaigns has reduced, it is important we do not discard the potential lasting impression it can have in real life. 

With online platforms, we can create giant, sweeping campaigns. These initiatives receive exposure across numerous social platforms, websites and digital advertisements.

Yes, these campaigns are innovative and will hold an impressive reach in audience but will it stop people in their tracks and catch attention? There is no doubt that an eye-catching billboard design will capture the attention of commuters, far and wide. As a physical marker that reaches thousands of people daily, a billboard design holds great potential for exposure, particularly if it holds an easily understood, memorable message.

Your Message is Key

Your billboard design requires measured consideration in order for it to hold a memorable impression. Think of a story, a slogan, an idea to use on your design. It is important that your billboard clearly states your call to action, encouraging people to take action upon seeing it.

The wording and style are equally important to the content itself. Many billboard viewers are going to be driving, walking, running or in a rush. Hence, it is important that your brand message is clear, straightforward, easily readable and snappy.

You want your billboard to tell a story. People remember stories, the basic details of it and the exciting points. One thing they do not recall when retelling a story is the facts. Hence, the incorporation of visual graphics in your billboard is also advised. Whether it is an image or a particularly recognisable colour pattern, choose something that will likely resonate with viewers.

Don’t Forget Font

We all know what a billboard looks like… huge. With such a large platform, it can be easy to get carried away with font, features and design. It is particularly important to get your font right, ensuring easy readability. We recommended that you use a legible, bold and clean font. 

It is important to remember that with billboards, you have a brief period of time to catch attention. You have approximately 6 seconds to make an impression with your billboard.

Consistency is Key, Especially with Billboards

People are creatures of habit. They rarely like change. It is important to channel this when conducting a brand design.

Your organisation should use the relevant and recognisable branding of their business to appear familiar to your target audience. Consistency is key and maintaining this through large-scale promotion will be extremely beneficial and boost brand identity.

Smaller Brand? Not a Problem

When we see a billboard, there is often an untrue connotation associated with it. Many think billboards are restricted to massive, corporate companies, who function on a large-scale basis. Yes, you are likely to see more of these due to an endless budget but the notion itself is untrue.

Billboards can be implemented for brands large, small, established and new. The association between large companies and billboards primarily comes from the idea that billboards are extremely expensive to create. This is also untrue. With the widespread reach and exposure your brand will achieve through a billboard campaign, the cost attached is relatively affordable and the results will undoubtedly see a return on investment. 

Location Location

A colossal benefit of billboards is that they are not secured down one audience. If tactically located, a billboard can catch the attention of numerous audiences, from numerous areas. A prime location for billboards is on a busy road, a popular walkway, an area that your target audience primarily live in.

Design your billboards with Kaizen Brand Evolution

At Kaizen Brand Evolution, we are extremely experienced in graphic design. We take pride in creating billboards that are boldly displaced far and wide. Kaizen Brand Evolution have first-hand experience in recognising the benefits of investing in adshels and billboards for your company, providing top quality design to ensure success. Go big or go home with a 48-Sheet or 96-Sheet billboard.