Annual Report Design Ideas For The Businesses: Tips To Consider

Posted on: February 5, 2021 4:48 pm

An annual report is a necessity for companies as it acts as a medium to share information to inform stakeholders on how your company is different from the others. It displays information on the investments and returns obtained on those investments along with profits gained by the company. But nowadays, the way of presenting a company’s annual report has changed completely. There has been a significant change in the annual report design as many unique elements have been incorporated. Infographic-inspired designs are gaining popularity which includes illustrations, data visualisations, and icons. Brands are depending more on visual content to communicate their message.

We have seen a trend of people moving away from  more traditional and heavy-text reports as no one has time to go through them. If you are planning to create a report this year, transform it into an engaging piece of content with the below techniques.  


There are so many ways in which annual reports communicate. Infographic inspired elements in the report will offer a different perspective to the readers. They will witness the change. Using bold charts and graphs to break up the content is a good way to display the data. Moreover, such a representation makes it easier for readers to make quick decisions and distinguish trends in the data. If you display the same information in the paragraphs, then it would be hard to understand.


If you think there is not much data to show, you can still add other visual elements. You can compel readers to continue reading your company report with a unique cover page. You can also use diagrams and pictures to break your report into clear sections. Use icons as they will draw the eye to key concepts. All these elements can work in tandem to communicate a bigger story and help your readers draw conclusions. If you have some business data to share, it would be great as it can form a critical piece of the visual story.


Photographs are a highly functional visual element in any annual report. It can bring your products or services to life by adding a human touch to it. The use of machinery, groups of people, and others may add a dynamic feel to it. With bold photography, you can easily balance longer blocks of text. It is important to choose only high-resolution photos to make sure that your annual report looks its best. You must know that the annual report design somewhat contributes to brand design. It can go outside the box. You can choose subtle cropping or screening that can elevate the whole design. No need to go overboard.


 If you really wish that more and more people should read your report, consider a communicating microsite. Check out examples online as you will learn how to display the most relevant data. Find out how the delicate and smart graphics encourage scrolling. Even simple movement can increase the reading experience.


 Your annual report is no less than an opportunity to showcase the best of your work from the previous year. It would be great to make the most of what you have already made. Making an interactive piece will also allow you to insert new content or existing assets such as videos or social media posts. Then linking to blogs, videos, and other highlights is a great way. It is premeditated and appealing at the same time.


The more data you have, makes it even more important for you to carefully watch how you present it. So if you bury your graphical data in a long report, readers would never be able to find it. Maybe your idea behind making complete data available is to appeal to casual readers who are interested in getting deep knowledge of the company. Using multiple formats will make it easy for the readers to choose the one that appeals to them the most.


An annual report infographic uses a variety of visual procedures. This tactic trims down text; relies on pictures, icons, and data. This less-is-more approach always works better compared to text. The result is reader-friendly and driven by data.


Annual Reports on paper don’t live more. If you really wish to make your reports engaging and boost their friendliness, consider a motion graphic. Your audience might not have enough time to read a long report, but you can say a lot in just 30 seconds using motion graphics. In fact, the majority of video marketers believe that video has improved user understanding of their product or service.

Design The Best Annual Report

Use the above techniques and create a business annual report that can say more than what your readers expect. You can take professional help in designing and developing annual reports for your stakeholders. Professionals know how to develop an engaging yet desirable report that can give a piece of good information about your company. Your company’s impression also depends on how good or bad your annual report is. Don’t hesitate to get professional annual report designing assistance.